Peace of Mind® IUI Credit Program

Many couples do not have insurance benefits to pay for any fertility treatment once all the diagnostic testing and analysis has been completed. Because of this, the financial implications of multiple treatment cycles can be overwhelming for couples. This is the case even with less aggressive treatment options such as ovulation induction cycles with intrauterine insemination (IUI). In many cases, this is an excellent, cost-effective, less invasive, less risky initial treatment option, with excellent results in our hands. Unfortunately, three or more cycles may be necessary to optimize outcome. This forces many couples to choose between “1-shot” at the more successful per attempt IVF option, or to pursue IUI cycles and risk an unsuccessful outcome with no funds left to pursue IVF at that point.

We are removing this barrier!

You will recieve up to $4,000 off the current IVF fee-for-service, (based on your IUI expenditures) toward your first IVF cycle if your IUI cycles are unsuccessful. If you are pregnant with the IUI cycles-GREAT- otherwise you have substantially reduced your initial IVF cycle cost and you are still eligible for additional cost reduction options.

*All prices quoted are subject to change, please check with our financial counselors for the latest pricing structure.

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