Peace of Mind® IUI Discount Program

We want to ensure that there are sufficient options in our Peace of Mind programs for all of our patients varied needs. To that end, we recognize that some couples may already know that they are likely never to pursue more aggressive treatment options such as IVF, but do wish to pursue less aggressive options such as intrauterine insemination (IUI). Nonetheless, the financial implications of multiple treatment cycles can be overwhelming for couples. This is the case even with less aggressive treatment options such as ovulation induction cycles with intrauterine insemination. In many cases, this is an excellent, cost-effective, less invasive, less risky initial treatment option, with excellent results in our hands. Unfortunately, three or more cycles may be necessary to optimize outcomes.

For couples who do not wish to pursue an IUI credit program and are pursuing an IUI treatment plan this is an excellent option. Prepay for two IUI cycles at the current global fee rate of $2400* (for both cycles) and if a third cycle is necessary, there are no additional global fees due, it’s on us. If three additional cycles are pursued, the price is an additional $3,000*. This program cannot be used in conjunction with the IUI/IVF credit program.


Program Details**


Pay for two IUI cycles, Get the third cycle free
$1,200 x 2 = $2,400
– Refund possible with early success; the 3rd cycle, if necessary, is free

Program fees include the following:
– Day 2 or 3 ultrasound, blood draw, estradiol test
– Prior to ovulation ultrasound, blood draw, estradiol test
– (2) inseminations, if medically indicated
– (2) Sperm preps and tags
– BHCG test 2 weeks after insemination
– RFID security card
– Release Check, if medically indicated
– Progesterone test, if medically indicated

If pregnant:
(Billed to insurance or patient responsibility)
2nd BHCG $78.00
Progesterone $111.00
TSH $70.00

Prices listed above do not include the following:
·Medication cost
·Diagnostic testing before the start of your treatment cycle
·Ovuquick Kit cost

*All prices quoted are subject to change, please check with our financial counselors for the latest pricing structure.
**No insurance is accepted for this program; full payment is due prior to the start of treatment.
**Price for first 3 IUI cycles. Package price of $3,000 for IUI cycles 4-6.
**Amount spent on unsuccessful IUI Discount Program cannot be credited to an IVF cycle.

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