Peace of Mind® Multi-Cycle IVF Discount Program

Even if you are not eligible, or do not wish to pursue our Peace of Mind 100% IVF refund program it is just as critical that you embark upon your fertility journey with as little financial stress as possible. Just because you may not be eligible for the 100% refund program does NOT mean that you can’t be successful with IVF, nor that we won’t try our hardest to achieve success in the first cycle – it simply means that more cycles may be necessary to optimize your chances of success. To that end, we offer a prepaid package discount – “3 for 2.”

Prepay for two IVF cycles @current global fee rate

And if a third cycle is necessary, there are no additional global fees due, it’s on us (3 cryopreserved thaw cycles may count instead as 1 fresh cycle). You may discontinue the program at any time without penalty; you pay for only the care you have already received. If you are pregnant, you get back what you haven’t spent.

How does the ORH Multi-Cycle IVF Discount Program compare with the Attain Multi-cycle program?

All multi-cycle programs offer you a discount if you need multiple cycles. However, unlike competing programs, we give you a refund if you get pregnant quickly. This means you don’t overpay for treatment if you succeed with the first fresh IVF cycle or one fresh and one frozen embryo transfer cycle.

ORH Multi-cycle IVF Discount Program Attain Multi-cycle program
Fresh IVF cycles available Up to 3 fresh cycles with your own eggs or donor eggs Up to 2 fresh cycles available
If you get pregnant quickly We refund you so that you only pay for treatment you have used No refunds
If you drop out of the program early We refund you so that you only pay for treatment you have used No refunds


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