Peace of Mind® Program Price Sheets

Linked below are all of our best-in-the-field Peace of Mind programs price sheets. Their simple layout lets you easily compare and contrast the costs of our different programs. Peace of Mind means a lot, but mostly it means a way to alleviate your financial concerns while allowing you to grow the family of your dreams.

**Note: Your browser may not be able to view these PDF files due to recent compatibility issues with their PDF plugins. To view any PDF please save it to your computer first by right clicking on the link and selecting “save link as…” **

If you have any questions about these programs please feel free to contact us.

Some financing companies charge up to a 5% admin fee to process your loan.

*We are able to offer different priced programs for our Canadian patients because they only contain the bare minimum of monitoring at our clinic, with the majority of those appointments being carried out closer to the patient’s home.


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