Canadian Fertility Patients

Information for Canadian Patients

We have successfully helped many couples from Canada, as well as out-of-state patients, achieve their dreams. We offer all of the most requested treatment options including family balancing, world-class success rates, the convenience of monitoring visits close to home for couples from B.C., as well as available financing options.


Most requested treatment options:

Egg Donation

In the US, donors receive some financial compensation in recognition of their time and effort in helping another couple to build their family, and this broadens the availability of egg donation.

At Overlake Reproductive Health, we have a panel of anonymous US egg donors, all of whom have passed our initial screening. Once selected, our donors are carefully screened to improve the chances of success with their eggs, including testing for ovarian reserve (egg supply). We also screen them for genetic disorders (including Fragile X, Cystic Fibrosis and Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and they consult with a genetic counselor who will investigate any potential genetic risks in the donor’s family. All donors are fully screened for infectious diseases under the supervision of the US Government’s Food and Drug Administration, who also regulate medical devices and organ transplants. Finally, the donors are psychologically screened to make sure that they are doing this for the right motivations, as well as to check for psychological illness in the family. Some of our donors are proven donors, who have achieved a pregnancy in a previous egg donation cycle. These donors are obviously in high demand, with a lifetime limit of six egg donation cycles. All of our donors are screened to the same high standards, and we are proud of the world-class success rates that we achieve as a result.

We also work with Egg Donation agencies across the US to offer a broader range of ethnicities.

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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

For couples with known genetic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities, we are proud to collaborate with one of the world’s leading centers for genetic testing, Genesis Genetics Institute, based in Michigan and headed by Dr Mark Hughes. We biopsy embryos for PGD using a state-of-the-art laser-assisted biopsy technique, and send the biopsied material to Genesis to perform the expert genetic testing required.

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Family Balancing

For couples with at least one child who wish to extend their family with a child of the opposite gender, we offer PGD as the most reliable method of determining the gender of the embryos prior to embryo replacement into the uterus. Just as for PGD for single-gene disorders, we use a state-of-the-art laser-assisted biopsy technique, and we collaborate with one of the world’s leading centers for genetic testing, Genesis Genetics Institute, using the latest technology (microarray-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization) which is more reliable than the older FISH method (Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization).

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New! Peace of Mind IVF 100% Refund Program

For couples needing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) with their own eggs or donor eggs, we are proud to introduce the Peace of Mind Program for IVF patients – the first and only program in the Pacific Northwest to offer a 100% refund guarantee for cycles using your own eggs as well as donor eggs – to give you the freedom to undergo the effective fertility treatment that you need without the financial uncertainty that you don’t want.

More information on the Peace of Mind IVF 100% Refund program

Monitoring options for couples in British Columbia

Many of our couples come from Vancouver, B.C. and surrounding areas. We will coordinate your pre-treatment testing, and treatment monitoring visits (ultrasounds and blood tests) with a fertility clinic closer to home, and we will help you to plan for the occasions when you do need to travel to our clinic for procedures.

We have utilized several Canadian clinics for monitoring and testing, including:

Pacific Center for Reproductive Medicine in Burnaby and Vancouver


Genesis Fertility Centre in Vancouver and Surrey


New! Financing is available for Canadian patients

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Medicard to offer financing options for Canadians. Medicard offers you a variety of financing terms with convenient monthly payments.


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