Artificial Insemination ( IUI )

Intrauterine Inseminations (IUI) – with partner or donor sperm

Not all patients need high-tech procedures such as In Vitro Fertilization. At Overlake Reproductive Health, we have hundreds of successful pregnancies from intrauterine inseminations also known as artificial insemination or IUI. It’s easier, cheaper and may be all the treatment that you need. We can use your natural cycles, without fertility drugs, for women with regular periods, but most IUI treatments are performed with the help of fertility medications such as Clomid or letrozole (Femara), and sometimes with injectable medicines called gonadotropins together with letrozole or by themselves.

The IUI procedure

The artificial insemination process involves washing and processing the sperm to enrich the sperm sample so that it takes up a small volume and contains more healthy, moving sperm and less dead sperm or immotile sperm (non-swimmers). Once the sperm is ready we can inject it into the woman’s uterus in a simple 5 minute office procedure. We perform a speculum exam just like a Pap smear visit, use a fine catheter to inject the sperm into the inside of the uterus, then remove the speculum and let you lay down for 10-15 minutes while the sperm are moving to the fallopian tubes. For most women the procedure is painless or accompanied by no more than mild cramping.

IUI increases the number of sperm reaching the fallopian tubes

Why choose IUI treatment at Overlake Reproductive Health?

First, we will measure your sperm numbers and quality accurately – before you start treatment, and with every artificial insemination attempt,  so that we can identify couples where the sperm count is not ideal for IUI treatments.

Second, we are the first clinic in the USA, and the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest, to use Electronic Security Tagging to track the sperm sample from the first collection container, through the andrology lab where the sperm sample is prepared, to the clinic where we perform the insemination, so that we minimize the chance that you don’t receive the right sperm!

Electronic Security Tag reader – so you know it’s your sperm sample

the security system we use for IUI and IVFOf course we still write your names on all of the containers, but this is an extra layer of security that we have provided for all our IUI patients since 2007.

Third, we offer unique financial options, including discounted package prices or credit towards IVF:

First in the Pacific Northwest with Peace of Mind IUI multi-cycle discount programs, or get credit towards IVF if you need it.

We are pleased to be the first clinic in the Pacific Northwest to make IUI treatment more accessible, with two new programs. The first is the Peace of Mind multi-cycle IUI discount program where you can prepay for three cycles of artificial insemination at a substantial discount. The second program, for couples who want to try to get pregnant with IUI before moving on to IVF if needed, gives you a credit towards IVF if the IUI treatment doesn’t result in a pregnancy. More details on the Peace of Mind IUI / IVF credit program.

Partner sperm or donor sperm?

We can perform artificial insemination with partner sperm (fresh or frozen) or frozen donor sperm. Here are some of the reasons to choose each option:

Fresh partner sperm Frozen partner sperm Donor sperm
Mild to moderate sperm problems (male factor infertility) Cervical factors such as previous LEEP procedure Drugs affecting cervical mucus production, including Clomid Sperm frozen prior to cancer treatment or other toxic medications (such as immunosuppressants) Male partners who travel frequently, or live or work out-of-town Severe sperm problems (male factor infertility) Single women  Same-sex couples

More information on artificial inseminations using a sperm donor

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