Donor Egg Programs

Egg donation has been highly successful for treating women previously thought to be hopelessly infertile. Since its introduction over two decades ago, women with a wide variety of severe reproductive disorders can now be successfully treated. Outcomes are remarkable and continue to improve as the methodology of in vitro fertilization (IVF) evolves. Egg donation will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in the treatment of infertility for years to come.

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World-class donor egg success rates

We are proud of our donor egg program and our rates are world-class. We have a cumulative 13 year (through 2014) donor egg pregnancy rate of:

80% Clinical Pregnancy Rate/Transfer

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Options for Donor Eggs

We are excited to offer so many different options for utilizing donor eggs.

  • Traditional Fee-for-service. Not only for those covered by insurance, but also for patients with a known donor that they want to use.
  • Peace of Mind 100% donor egg IVF refund program $29,600 (subject to eligibility). The use of donor eggs may qualify a couple for this program in lieu of the criteria regarding age or ovarian reserve. See our Peace of Mind IVF 100% refund program for all the details.
  • Hybrid fresh/frozen donor egg cycle. With this approach you can take advantage of our world class fresh donor egg success rates at a discounted price! You sign up for the program prior to the cycle start at the discounted price- currently $22,000 (over $7,000 off the global fee for service for a non-proven donor).

You keep the first 8 eggs. The remaining eggs retrieved are cryopreserved. If you are not successful with your fresh cycle, and wish to continue, we will thaw, fertilize, and transfer any remaining eggs from that cycle until you are pregnant, or no more eggs remain. All at no additional charge! On the other hand, if you are successfully pregnant (either after the fresh cycle or subsequent thawed cycles) any remaining eggs are now ours, to be stored in the ORH egg bank. Another win-win solution from ORH – you get a discount and we get to help other couples with more available donor eggs.