Donor Egg Program – For Egg Donors

Donor Information

Thank you for your interest in our donor egg program. Egg donors are absolutely vital in helping some couples have children. By donating your eggs you are providing a gift to these couples that cannot be fully expressed in words. Here is what one recipient had to say about her egg donor experience at ORH.

“Thank you Jo, I’m touched by these lovely ladies and what they have to say on their donor profiles.

Their kind words and thoughtfulness to give the gift of life and a baby to couples like my husband and I who so badly desire to have children and struggle to do so have given such an unbelievable gift. I can’t thank them enough each profile makes me cry with gratitude. Please pass this message on to your donors because people like myself can’t thank them enough.”

To be an egg donor at Overlake Reproductive Health, you must be between the ages of 18 and 30. You must also meet our basic requirements for egg donors. You will be asked to complete a personal and medical history questionnaire, and to participate in medical and psychological screening. The purpose of this careful examination is two-fold:

  1. To ensure your safety
  2. To determine that you are medically and genetically appropriate as an egg donor.

Your participation, and the information you provide, remains completely confidential. There is no cost to you for any of the screening tests, nor are you required to have health insurance coverage to participate in egg donation.

Information about Being a Donor

For a better understanding of what is involved see Questions & Answers about Being an Egg Donor.


Compensation for egg donors varies depending on if the donor is proven or not. Proven donors receive a higher compensation due to the fact we have a much better idea how they will respond to the medications. Donors receive half their compensation on the egg retrieval day, and half at the subsequent post-op (usually ~2 weeks later).

Current compensation ranges from $7,000 to $10,000.

Comfortable and Safe Anesthesia

We are able to offer a level of anesthesia safety that ensures your comfort during the egg retrieval procedure. We are one of only a few programs in the Pacific Northwest that uses M.D. anesthesiologists.

Becoming an Egg Donor

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please complete and submit the online Preliminary Egg Donor Application. We will contact you within 2 weeks of submission with more instructions. If you do not hear back within two weeks, please email

Overlake Reproductive Health
Donor Egg Program Coordinator
11232 NE 15th St, Suite 201
Bellevue, WA 98004

Forms for Egg Donors

Fillable forms instructions

  • Please right click on the form and select “save file as…” (the forms are not displayed correctly in most web browsers)
  • Open the form using Adobe Reader. Using third-party applications, including Apple’s Preview, can result in problems with your submitted forms. Using an outdated version of Reader can also result in problems with your form, so make sure you have the most current version.
  • Fill out the form as completely as you can. There are some fields that cannot be filled out electronically. These are meant to be signed in our office.
  • After the form is filled out, save it in the following format: lastname_firstname xxxxform (xxxx= name of the specific form you are filling out)
  • Email the form to

If you are having any difficulties what so ever with the forms please email Aaron at with the nature of your problem.