Donor Embryo Program

We set the standard in the Pacific Northwest for donor embryos. We maintain our own bank of donated embryos, as well as a working relationship with other embryo donation programs throughout the United States, including Snowflakes Frozen Embryo Adoption & Adoption Program, and The Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. If you have already located embryos, we would be happy to contact the facility where these embryos are stored, ensure that proper FDA protocols and guidelines have been followed, and help you arrange to have them shipped to our facility for transfer.

We believe that being actively involved and strongly encouraging of our embryo donation program is a win-win situation: patients with supernumery embryos can give a priceless gift to another couple, rather than paying storage fees indefinitely or destroying the embryos, and recipients benefit from markedly reduced upfront costs as well. Finally, less time is required as well due to as the fact that the embryos are already created and are ready to be transferred.

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