Donor Egg Bank Program

We are currently affiliated with The World Egg Bank, and Frozen Egg Bank, leading to an availability of 100’s of donors. We are setting the standard for donor choice!!

The cost of the eggs will be your responsibility, working either through us, or directly with your desired egg bank, depending on our affiliation agreements. Once we are ready to proceed, the eggs are thawed, fertilized with ICSI, and transferred into your uterus.

We are excited to offer three programs:

  • Traditional global fee for service: $7,000 per cycle plus the cost of donor eggs
  • Peace of Mind Multi-Cycle Frozen Donor Egg Program* pay for 2 cycles get 1 free if needed, refunds possible with early success: $14,000 plus the cost of donor eggs
  • Peace of Mind Frozen Donor Egg 100% Refund Program* with up to six frozen cycles, 100% refund if unsuccessful and all frozen embryos transferred: $29,396 (the cost of one fresh donor egg IVF cycle with fee-for-service) plus the cost of donor eggs

With all of these options, we are confident you can find an approach that exactly suits your needs!

World-class donor egg success rates

We are proud of our donor egg program and our rates are world-class. We have a cumulative 9 year (through 2010) donor egg pregnancy rate of:

78% Clinical Pregnancy Rate/Transfer

2002-2010 Clinical Pregnancy Rate/Transfer
Couples using anonymous donors Couples using any type of donor
Clinical Pregnancy Rate/Transfer 78%
Average # Embryos Transferred 2.3

*subject to eligibility