Why Small is Good

Since this article is all about why “small is good,” I’ll try to be spare with the words as well. It’s not like all we’ve ever known is small. I was originally part of the largest fertility clinic in Seattle in the early 90’s. Jo Gray, our lead ARNP previously worked at one of the largest OB/Gyn groups in King Co.

The point is this: we know “big” and we are glad to be different. Here, you will know the entire staff in short order. We will know you well too, which allows us to better tailor and customize everything about your treatment. We can also initiate and adopt emerging trends quickly – vital in this ever-changing rapidly progressing field. Our, first in the nation, adoption of electronic security tagging of all specimens is a good example.

How do you know we are good? Well, first look through our entire website- our background, training, patient testimonials, patient reviews, and pregnancy rates all speak for themselves. Our world-class rates are real, meaning that we aren’t pushing IVF to patients that don’t need it; some clinics are aggressive about pushing better prognosis patients sooner to IVF to improve their pregnancy rates. Finally, we put our money where our mouth is. If we weren’t good, we couldn’t offer a Peace of Mind 100% IVF Refund Program. So, there you have it, small can be extraordinary!

Dr. Kevin Johnson Medical Director
Dr. Kevin M. Johnson
Medical Director